Roc Wang
— Builds artisanal websites.


Oct 2018 — Present
Auckland, New Zealand

Senior Web Developer

Built a B2B quoting system for Salesforce using Magento 2 and React for Canon Oceania.

Apr 2016 — Oct 2018
Pocket Square
Auckland, New Zealand

Senior Web Developer

Mainly focusing on development for Shopify the E-Commerce platform, while also working on WordPress, Magento projects

Featured Projects

Nov 2015 — Apr 2016
Auckland, New Zealand

Magento Engineer

Feb 2014 — Nov 2015
Moustache Republic
Auckland, New Zealand

Magento Web Developer

  • Built cutting edge e-commerce websites from end to end in an agile(Scrum) team. Responsible for both front-end and back-end development, site deployment and on-going maintenance.
  • Developed quality commercial Magento extensions e.g. Ajax Cart.
  • Provided professional technical support and custom development for existing e-commerce sites, including troubleshooting , re-theming, new feature implementation etc.
  • Deeply customized transactional / marketing emails for several projects based on Magento / MailChimp / Mandrill.
  • Organised the training program in the company and lecture several tutorial on CLI, git, vim, modern Magento workflow, front-end performance etc.

Mar 2010 — Apr 2013
Shenzhen, China

Web Developer

  • Led a team to build a custimized PHP framework called Vii, which is based on Yii framework; wrote a whole set of API documents and unit tests by Markdown, PHPDocumentor and PHPUnit, remarkably improve the developing efficiency.
  • Independently constructed the mobile site for QQ VIP and its accompanying CMS from scratch via Bootstrap, SQLite etc., brought the user experience on mobile devices to the next level.
  • Implemented more than 30 activity/promotion mini sites utilizing jQuery, backbone.js, mustache.js and PHP, which boosted ARPU and total revenue.
  • Designed and developed a brand new refined marketing system end to end, dramatically improved the accuracy of advertisements.
  • Built several operation support systems and in-house tools, e.g. User Notification, Prize Delivery, Activity Management, etc., which increased the productivity enormously for the dev team and the production team.
  • As a mentor, worked closely with a intern to help her implement requirements and features, and got highly commented.
  • Published 6 open source projects in the company, honored with the most active developer in 2013.
  • Maintained the portal site of QQ VIP, the biggest online value add-on service in China, successfully fulfilled the daily visits from more than 27 millions members.
* Tencent is the fourth-largest Internet company in the world after Google, Amazon, and Ebay, as of August 2012.

Sep 2006 — Apr 2007
Mysore, India


  • Trainee under the Mainframe stream class which included JCL, COBOL, CICS, DB2, VSAM File Processing and Quality Assurance, etc.
  • In the project "Using Text Tagging and Annotation Engine Java Libraries in .NET Applications", achieved 2 ways to accomplish interoperability between .NET and Java platforms.
* Infosys is the third-largest India-based IT services company by 2012 revenues.


Side Projects

Feb 2016 — May 2016


Storefront is An Angular 2 storefront app for Magento 2
Apr 2013 — Nov 2013

Do Less

Do Less is a open source, companion app for the native Reminders app on iOS, by which you could choose the three most important tasks to do at a time. Do Less helps you focus and accomplish more by doing less.



JS / Typescript

Frameworks / Platforms

Magento 1
Magento 2


Shell / CLI
Webpack / Vue CLI


Sep 2007 — Jun 2010
Chengdu, China

Master of Engineering

Computer System Architecture
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

Sep 2003 — Jun 2007
Chengdu, China

Bachelor of Engineering

Computer Science & Technology
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China